Thursday, July 13, 2017

Send Center/Share International, Turkana

We fly to Lodwar via a brief stop in Eldoret. A small version of Rio’s Jesus is looking down at us from the big hill overlooking Lodwar “International” Airport, so named because small planes might someday come here from countries bordering Turkana, such as Ethiopia and Uganda. It is hot. Desert hot. There has been a severe drought here, one of the Share International staff tell us, for the last five years. There has been only occasional rain and in minute quantities.

The Send Center is an oasis in this harsh place—physically as well as spiritually; through careful planting of hundreds of small trees and recycling of water, the green is wonderfully inviting. The trees have taken off even in the two years since I first came.

After a quick orientation, dinner and assignment to rooms, we head off to bed to sweat under mosquito nets and fans.

Monday morning we rise early for shared devotions at 7am, breakfast and the teams’ departure to the villages. My co-teacher, Gary, and I set up the room for our pastor/leader/missionary students who are excited to be preaching to us from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. So much packed into 3 short chapters. We are excited to be exploring it with them. This is their 8th of 9 modules in Bible Pathways over the last 3 years. In the other auditorium, another group of pastors is receiving other training on evangelism and discipleship by Big Life, and on Principles of Shepherding. This will be 8 days choc full of spiritual and practical goodies.