Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chi-Town Bound

Son #2 (he that is called 'Ryan') and I are heading down to Chicago for a day and a night and a day today. We are visiting MBI (Moody Bible Institute, for the uninitiated), my alma mater.

It also happens to be the place I met and fell in love with my son's mother (she that is called 'Doreen').

I'm not sure what's going to come of this trip, but one never knows if my son will be taking a similar trip with his son in 30 years.

That scenario is actually not that far-fetched:
  • My great grand parents met there. He was Canadian; she was a Mennonite from Ohio. They studied, met, married and went out to Kenya as missionaries around 1917.
  • Their daughter, Pat (my mom) came from Kenya to Moody around 1950, and then returned to Zambia where she met and married another missionary, Bob (my dad).
  • Bob and Pat moved to New Zealand and had three kids, the last one an accident/surprise: Graham.
  • Graham attended MBI from January 1980-December 1982, when he married she that is called Doreen, whom he met at MBI
  • In February 2011 (today), Graham drove Ryan to Moody to check it out.
  • Three, possibly four generations. I am VERY grateful to that school.