Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LakeView Hosting EFCA Externally-Focused Church Conference

When I arrived at LakeView Church, one of the first books we went through as a staff was The Externally-Focused Church. It's a very helpful challenge to take our eyes of ourselves and our own needs and to engage the community with the love of Christ. It has informed and inspired us as we've tried to increasingly make this a part of our vision. We're just taking baby steps, but at least there's movement, and in the right direction.

This April 8th & 9th, LakeView is privileged to be hosting The Externally-Focused Church Conference for pastors, staff and lay people in the Forest-Lakes District of our Association, the Evangelical Free Churches of America. This is going to be a great conference. Eric Swanson will be here. Yeeha.

"If your church vanished, would your community weep? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care?"

That question, from the book, haunts me. And it should every pastor. After all the self-justifying and excuses are done, that question really gets to the heart of whether we exist for ourselves or for others.