Friday, September 30, 2011


Came across a couple of interesting blogs touching on cohabitation from very different vantage points.

What Cohabitation Does for a Marriage:
  • If couples want to dramatically boost their likelihood of divorcing once married, few things so widely practiced will ensure that than cohabiting. This is just the opposite of what most believe.
  • If women want to significantly increase their chances of being a victim of physical, sexual and verbal violence from their mate, cohabitation is what they are looking for. Men with rings on their fingers are dramatically less likely to be abusers of any sort.
  • If you want to learn poorer problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills in your relationship, cohabitation can help you there also. This is because the lowered sense of commitment and relational clarity causes live-in couples to practice and learn fewer healthy interactions.
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Mexico City Considering Two-Year-Plus 'Marriage Trial'

Posted 9/30/11 11:59 a.m.
MEXICO CITY (WLS) - Mexico City lawmakers are proposing legislation that would allow newlyweds to apply for temporary marriage licenses, instead of making the plunge into wedded life a lifetime commitment.
The change to civil code was proposed this week and would allow couples to decide the length of the commitment, with two years as the minimum. If couples are still enjoying wedded bliss when the contract ends, then they would be able to renew the license. And if they’re unhappy, the contract expires and they are both free without going through a divorce.
The legislation has proved to be controversial in Mexico, the country with the second largest Catholic population in world, after Brazil.
A vote is expected on the proposed legislation by the end of the year.