Sunday, August 7, 2011

Of Sharks and Faith

The Real Bethany Hamilton
I've learned to be cautious about recommending movies. One time I saw one on the plane (majorly edited), recommended it, then had to apologize profusely to a co-worker who watched it with her family.

But I think I'm pretty safe with this one. I think.
Watched "Soul Surfer" last night with the family. Inspirational true story of Bethany Hamilton, a young surfer in Hawaii, whose arm is chomped off by a shark.

Admittedly this is about as close to Baywatch as Christians get, but there's not too much to cringe at in this movie. In fact, it's nice to see some Christians portrayed for once as rather normal and attractive people--not the maladjusted, ugly, nerdy or just weird caricatures that Hollywood usually engages in.

Even has some star appeal: Carrie Underwood, Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and AnnaSophia Robb.

It's been toned down for a wider distribution to a secular audience, but still has an identifiable Christian thrust centering around Philippians 4:13.

Here's the official trailer.

In case I offend anyone recommending this movie, be warned:

  • Disclaimer #1: It's a PG
  • Disclaimer #2: A shark bites off a girl's arm. The ketchup looks like real blood.
  • Disclaimer #3: The girls in this movie are attractive and wear bikinis.