Monday, March 7, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

I'm sitting in class at Trinity Seminary. Have a couple of key takeaways already which I think are pretty significant, and which I want to ponder some more. Maybe even apply. Now THERE'S a novel thought.

Out of a class of around 25, there are four Aussies. I'm feeling a bit outnumbered, but since I knew they'd be here (I've had them in a previous class), I brought the contemplative kiwi with me. He sits in front of my laptop and points at them with his beak if they speak with an accent.

They're great guys. Even better, none of them are Wiggles. Their names: Bazz, Andy, Wal and Gav. I'm serious. Aussies don't believe in wasting cranial capacity remembering long names. If I sound insulting, you need to know that to kiwis and Aussies, the greater the insult, the greater the affection. Seriously.

The last class that we had together, Wal (he that was named 'Walter' by his mother) showed me a youtube video of Aussies mocking kiwis. I laughed till I cried. Here it is for your cultural and viewing pleasure. A couple of interpretive notes might be helpful as background:
  1. Kiwis make fun of how Aussies say the number 'six' (and similar words). They say it like 'seeks' (though that's almost irrelevant since you won't hear it in the clip).
  2. Aussies make fun of how kiwis say the number 'six' (and similar words). Many kiwis say their 'i' a little like a 'u'. 'Six' sounds like 'sucks.' Therefore 'much better' becomes 'much butter.'
  3. Understand that the 'kiwis' in the video are Aussies impersonating and taking the mickey out of kiwis. :)