Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Team 500 Pastors' Retreat Continued...

There is such a wealth of wisdom and insight and compassion in this group of men. So powerful to be able to pray together for our churches, for the work of God, for personal and ministry challenges we are facing.

We've had a great couple of days together. Finishes tomorrow around midday. No agenda, other than that which we created. At the very start, we put up about 8 blank sheets on the walls with different categories and questions like:
  • One or two things we must talk about:
  • Something I could use your collective wisdom on:
  • Spiritually I could use some advice on:
  • One success story I'd like to share
  • I could use a breakout session on... etc.
Occasionally, they get a bit "cheeky," as we say -- like this one I photographed: