Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the Lake

We wake early and enjoy a delicious buffet, though Lanny is not quite sure if his hot dog is tofu or turkey.

The Sea of Tiberius, otherwise known as the Sea of Galilee, is the lowest freshwater lake in the world at around 700 feet below sea level. It is 13 miles long by 8 miles wide. It is set in the bottom of a basin. Behind us, as we head out on the Lake, are the hills of Tiberius. On the other side, invisible because it's so overcast, is the Golan Heights.

Steve, the messianic pastor leading one of the small groups joining us, leads us in communion. It is a wonderful beginning to our time in the Holy Land.

When our time on the lake is done, we find ourselves in Ginosaur, where the famous "Jesus Boat," was discovered after drought saw lake levels drop. Housed in a museum by the kibbutz, the boat, which is 2000 years old, was carefully preserved over a period of ten years.