Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Garden Tomb

This is a very moving place and so was incredibly fitting as the last site for our pilgrimage.

It was pretty emotional for many of us as Rabbi Steve (messianic pastor) and Pastor Dave read the Scriptures surrounding Jesus' crucifixion, and as we sang "The Old Rugged Cross." Then I led communion with a short reflection.

The bad news is that our sin sent Jesus (willingly) to the cross. The good news is that he was forsaken so that we could be accepted. And last I checked (a few hours ago), the tomb is empty.

This is really what our whole trip has been about in one way our another:  appreciating and loving Jesus more. I think that may well have happened. But you'll have to ask someone from the team yourself. Just get ready for a rather animated, and even lengthy, answer.

They leave at 1:30am - just a few hours. It's been an amazing 10 days.

Jeff, Angie and I are staying for three more, so you haven't heard the last of me.