Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Western Wall Tunnels

I'd hoped to be able to get the whole group here but Angie, Jeff and I will need to act as surrogates.

Only about 10% of the western wall is visible, so we're going underground to see all the rest of it, heading north and following the natural rising slope of the valley.

The western wall is the foundation for the temple plaza which Herod built - the greatest religious structure of its time. The plaza, which housed the temple standing in Jesus' day covers an area equivalent to five football fields.

Underneath, in the tunnels, we see a single rock the size of a bus and weighing 600 tons. Herod may have been an animal, but he sure knew how to build.

We come to a place which is the closest access point to where the Holy of holies was located. This is where the presence of God uniquely dwelled.