Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hero of the Faith #4

Francois Nitunga is from Burundi and was working in refugee camps under the title, "bishop." I affectionately nicknamed him, "BB" for Bishop Burundi.

In the ethnic strife in Burundi between Tutsi and Hutu, 400,000 were killed, including Francois' father. How powerful to have him teaching the pastors on the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Additionally, Francois heads up the Jesus Film, which has been shown every night in a different village on this mission. Many have come to Christ as a result.

One evening, I was able to go out to a village, about 70 minutes' drive away. It was pitch black, the night sky declaring the glory of God. The stars and the Milky Way were the most vivid I have ever seen them.

In the distance a few hundred villagers watched the Jesus Film in their own Turkana language. What an amazing tool for the gospel. Many stood to indicate their faith in Christ. They will be followed up by the pastor and the church in the village.

Francois has been faithfully doing this for, I believe, around 15 years. What a guy.

After the Lord and the Jesus film, his next passion is Burundi coffee, which he constantly informs us in his Francophone accent: "is the number one coffee in the world. Just smell eeet. Mmmmm."

And so every morning at breakfast, he brews up a jug, and does the rounds, and we all partake and acknowledge that yes, Burundi coffee is clearly #1.