Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's an Ugly World We Live In

"You're Ugly!"
Thirty-thousand people recently got good news and bad news from beautifulpeople.com, an online dating service where 'beautiful men and women' meet. The good news: we'll give you a refund. The bad news: you're ugly! So we're going to dump you!

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Gendercide: Aborting Girls
Even uglier than the people who got given the boot, and the company who dropped them, is the worldwide moral climate in which abortion, for whatever reason, is readily available. A new book, Unnatural Selection, estimates that since the late 1970s, 163 million girls have been aborted . . . because . . . they . . . were. . . girls.

The Wall Street Journal review notes:

Despite the author's intentions, "Unnatural Selection" might be one of the most consequential books ever written in the campaign against abortion. It is aimed, like a heat-seeking missile, against the entire intellectual framework of "choice." For if "choice" is the moral imperative guiding abortion, then there is no way to take a stand against "gendercide." Aborting a baby because she is a girl is no different from aborting a baby because she has Down syndrome or because the mother's "mental health" requires it. Choice is choice. One Indian abortionist tells Ms. Hvistendahl: "I have patients who come and say 'I want to abort because if this baby is born it will be a Gemini, but I want a Libra.' "
This is where choice leads. This is where choice has already led. Ms. Hvistendahl may wish the matter otherwise, but there are only two alternatives: Restrict abortion or accept the slaughter of millions of baby girls and the calamities that are likely to come with it.
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