Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jerusalem 5: Western Wall Tunnels & Ramparts Walk

From the Temple Mount we went straight to the restroom wall tunnels. Ha Ha. I'm dictating this on my phone by voice and that last sentence should say western wall tunnels but I'm leaving it in as a record of the challenges of blogging by phone.

I'm also taking pictures on my rather limited phone camera for immediate publishing on the blog and with my much better camera which means I'll probably update many of the pics when I'm back in the States.

Anyway, going all the way along the Western (wailing) Wall for almost its entire length is a series of tunnels. They're continually excavating so it's quite a bit different than when I was here last. This is the retaining wall Held built for the temple plaza which includes a massive stone the size of a bus. An amazing feat.

Then a walk around the ramparts of Sulemein's wall, about 600 years old for an amazing view of the holy city. I never tire of this place.