Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Lost Day & Conversation

I've been praying this last week, in confidence, for a good spiritual conversation en route. Some of my best spiritual conversations have been on planes.

First two flights, people were buried in their devices. I checked: they weren't reading my blog. This flight everyone's sleeping and the big Maori bloke in my row is two empty seats away. I suppose I could sidle over next to him and wait for him to wake up and greet him a cheery "Gooday mate!" But did I mention that he's big? A few too many hangis (pig roasts cooked in the ground) under his belt. At least he's got a good cultural excuse for his puku (belly). All I can point to is cherry pie and eight years of delicious Thanksgiving turkey bird with Doreen's family in Illinois. And Good and Plenty candy. And long-lasting sympathetic pregnancy symptoms from our four kids, the youngest of whom is seventeen.

I have a long list of goodies to reacquaint myself with on this trip: pineapple lumps, minties, Lemon and Paeroa, feijoas, to name just a few. The last one is a fruit. It's not gluttony if you include a fruit.

Anyway, maybe my prayer to share will be answered later. God seems to enjoy mixing things up.

This trip is already like stepping into Narnia. I left Wednesday, I arrive Friday. Thursday simply gets expunged from the calendar. On my way back, I arrive before I leave!

One thing that remains the same is that Air New Zealand is still my favorite airline.